The Manager’s influence on motivating staff.

Management developmentMotivation is not something you can expect from your team, it is something you have to nurture and develop. It requires conscious effort and requires you to get to really know your staff; their values, what makes them tick. Some would argue that people are not unmotivated; it’s just that the right motivation triggers have not yet been found. It’s largely a question of identifying what you have not been getting quite right and working on what makes the apparently unmotivated tick.

A common mistake made by so many managers is the assumption that people are motivated by the same things as they are. We are all different and therefore we are motivated by different things. Your ability to motivate staff in the right way directly influences their attitude (to you and to the organisation), performance and productivity.

Motivation can be internal (i.e. self-motivation, from within the person) or external (i.e. from someone else).

So, how much motivation comes from within the person and from their environment?

John Adair’s 50:50 rule of motivation suggests that 50% of motivation comes from within the person and 50% from within their environment, in particular from the leadership encountered within their work environment.

This means that line managers are the single greatest source of external motivation in the workplace. Motivating staff is an essential leadership skill.

Have you ever thought about what motivates your staff? What do people want from their jobs? Do they want just a higher salary for example, or are other things more important, such as security, good relationships with co-workers, opportunities for growth and advancement – or something else altogether?

These are important questions to consider, because the answers are the root of how you motivate your staff.

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