Strategic Planning for Managers

strategic planning for managers, management planning, employee management performance, performance management, staff performance, manchester, leeds, liverpool, cheshire, lancashire, west midlandsStrategic planning is essential for managers and organisations in order to decide a direction to follow. Decisions may need to be made in order to allocate resources to pursue this strategy.

It is necessary to understand the current position of the organisation first in order to determine the potential course of action and future direction.

To avoid a time consuming speculative approach a structured method is recommended.

Our Strategic Planning for Managers training provides participants with a greater under-standing of the interacting elements of strategic planning. They also gain the ability to apply a range of strategic analysis tools the necessary information.

Strategic Planning for Managers Training

Duration: 1-day

Overview: This strategic planning for managers training course aims to supply the participants with the skills and knowledge to provide support to the strategic planning process within their work area.

What participants will gain?

  •  Strategic options to support the ‘business’ planning process
  • Greater understanding of the interacting elements of strategic planning
  • The ability to apply a range of strategic analysis tools

Suitable for: Those who would like to learn more about strategic planning.

Delivery routes:

Our bespoke in-house training and coaching courses are delivered either on site or at a venue of your choice.
The training we offer in this area can be delivered as follows:

  • In-house training course, tailored to your company and the group of learners as stand-ard. Courses are delivered for a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 16 par-ticipants, although 12 is recommended.
  • In-house coaching delivered either on a one-to-one or small group coaching basis for up to 3 participants

Customisation options:

We provide an option for all our training courses to be tailored to meet the needs of the or-ganisation and/ or the learners.

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