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Team priorityWhen working with a group, often a ‘best idea’ needs to be selected and agreed. Depending on who is facilitating this process, this simple concept of agreeing an idea can take in practice too long and in some instances be left open ended.

It can be difficult when working in a group, particularly with different personalities involved. Some may latch on to one idea; others may be too quick to submit even though deep down they favour something else. It is important to introduce objectivity at this stage, particularly when each person feels their idea is the best one.

The 5-Point scoring system is a simple and objective tool that can help a team quickly narrow down options and make decisions in an efficient and effective way.

It works as follows:

  1. Firstly, narrow the ideas down to the top 5.
  2. Then everyone has a total of 5 points each to allocate to these ideas. They can award these points in any way they wish, as long as the total number of points comes to 5. For example, they may give 4 points to one idea, and 1 point to another. Or they could give 2 points to one idea, then 1 point to three of the others, etc.
  3. The solution which gets the most points is therefore the one selected. In the case of a tie, a simple vote usually does the trick.

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