Quick masterclass in customer engagement

Customer engagementCustomer Engagement has become a hot potato in recent months with more and more clients asking us to develop bespoke training in this area. With this in mind, this subject is on our radar.
We came across the following questions designed to challenge how effective you are in relation to customer engagement and in turn guide you around how to create customer engagement.

  1. What are the business results you intend to achieve through greater customer engagement? It is important to be as specific and measurable as possible.
  2. How do/will you know customers are engaged? What will be the major indicators that your customers have formed an emotional connection to your company, are having a consistent experience with your organisation’s processes, and are advocates for your company? What metrics will you use? How will you gather that information?
  3. How do/will you know your employees are engaged? What will be the major indicators that your employees have formed an emotional connection to the organisation, are committing their full energy, and are loyal to the organisation? How will you know?
  4. What are the engagement expectations of customers and employees? Do you have this documented in a “value proposition,” or, for employees, a set of values or operating principles? Where do you have this documented? This is a critical step that often is missed.
  5. How do your products provide you with a clear competitive advantage? That is, what are your Potential Offering and Future Potential Offering?
  6. What areas of the total customer experience need to be enhanced? It can be helpful to map all the ways a customer can interact with your organisation (Website, customer support, sales, billing, etc.) and see if these avenues support the engagement expectations.
  7. Do your customer-contact people epitomize the engagement expectations? How do you know that the people with the personal connection to customers have the skills and the perspective to deliver on the engagement expectations? What skills need to be developed?
  8. How do you know if your leaders and managers have the ability to fully engage employees? Have you defined and assessed the leadership skills your organisation needs?

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