Quick creativity tool

We came across a fantastic simple creativity tool called DO IT, devised by Robert W Olsen in his book ‘The Art of Creative Thinking’.

This tool helps to introduce a formal method of problem definition and evaluation as well as provide a structured process for creativity.

DO IT is an acronym that stands for:

D – Define problem
O – Open mind and apply creative techniques
I –  Identify best solution
T – Transform

These steps are:

  1. Problem Definition: During this stage you apply a number of techniques to ensure that you are asking the right question.
  2. Open Mind: Here you apply creativity techniques to generate as many answers as possible to the question you are asking. At this stage you are not evaluating the answers.
  3. Identify the best solution: Only at this stage do you select the best solutions from the ones you came up with in step 2. Where you are having difficulty in selecting ideas, use formal techniques to help.
  4. Transform: The final stage is to make an action plan for the implementation of the solution, and to carry it out. Without implementation, your creativity is sterile.

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