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Creativity innovative techniques It is that time of year where we want to resolve what isn’t right and improve what we do. January is one of those months where we intend to start as we mean to go on.

Most people are motivated to move away from problems, rather than towards solutions. This can often make ‘problem solving’ tougher for managers.

The ‘Best-case scenario visualisation’ technique is a quick creativity tool that enables you to visualise the solution, rather than focus on the problem/pain itself. We are simply re-framing the way we look at the problem from a ‘pain’ frame to a ‘gain’ frame. This is a fantastic tool to bring into team meetings.

Remember the Einstein quote? ‘We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.’

Visualisation is a simple yet powerful technique which is often neglected in the creativity process because of lack of time or fear of the ‘touchy-feely’ aspect of closing one’s eyes in public!

Highly creative people will tell you that once they have an ideal, they will take some time to make a clear and detailed picture of the final, implemented solution. It’s painting a visual picture of the end result – what it looks and feels like.

How does it work in practice?

  • Invite people to think of a problem they face currently at work – it can be big or small.
  • Now ask them to close their eyes and re-frame the problem as a positive outcome – what is the ideal outcome? Utopia? If you waved a magic wand and the problem went away, what would be different? How do people feel? What’s the morale like?
  • Now get them to re-frame the problem as a ‘best case scenario’. Here they need to picture in their mind’s eye the ideal solution or outcome, ask them to visualise what is happening, notice and observe the detail, see it working in practice, paint a picture of the ideal…etc.
  • Capture their thoughts. Be careful not to judge or evaluate your ideals at this stage!
  • Start to explore potential solutions

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