Mind-mapping to aid creativity

Creativity and Innovation course.  Mind maps were introduced by Tony Buzan and represent a way of quickly capturing thoughts and generating ideas on a subject.

We use mind mapping as a practical tool during our Creativity and Innovation course. Once participants have cracked the technique, we find that many people start to ‘mind map’ as a quicker way of taking notes during meetings and telephone calls; as a planning tool or to simply encourage free-thinking and help generate new ideas.

So, what are the advantages over ordinary list-making? Mind-maps enable you to build on ideas quickly and the links between ideas are easier to see. We also feel that it helps people to remember important information because of this.

The good news is that mind-mapping isn’t rocket science. Simply start with a large sheet of blank paper and put your topic or subject in the middle. Branch out your ideas from the centre and keep going until your ideas have dried up. These branches then may result in sub-branches and so on. You can use different colours or symbols to help categorise ideas/ information. In consideration of the advantages, we urge everyone to at least give it a go!

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