Manager’s head in the sand?

ostrichWe’ve all been there. No-one is pulling their weight and the MD is giving everyone the bird. And where’s the manager – deep in his office hoping it won’t become a problem they have to deal with.

Flight of fancy – or reality? Well, we recently conducted some research where many bosses are indeed telling us that their managers don’t know how to investigate routine performance issues and are typically adopting the ostrich syndrome.

As a result, many things escalate to the point where they become a HR issue often unnnecessarily – which in turn becomes a huge drain on HR resources.

Which is why we’ve been busy creating a training course to equip managers with the essential skills and behaviours required to effectively address and investigate a range of HR-related staff issues. The emphasis is on preventing issues escalating through early intervention.

As a result we find that managers can now apply investigative interviewing skills which could help avoid the escalation of HR issues.

For further information on the course, please click here

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