Is your team heading in the same direction?

Collaborative Teamwork training Manchester, CheshireThis is a really quick and powerful energiser to use at the start of a team meeting, focus session etc. This brief activity is called ‘true north’ and helps to highlight the importance of having shared direction.

How to run ‘true north’

1.  Invite participants to stand up and move to a spot where they can hold arms out and turn 360 degrees without obstacles

2.  Ask participants to close their eyes – assure them this is safe

3.  Ask them to…

  • turn clockwise 180 degrees
  • turn anti clockwise 360 degrees
  • turn anti clockwise 360 degrees
  • turn clockwise 90 degrees
  • turn anti clockwise 180 degrees

4.  Ensuring they are keeping their eyes closed, invite them to point North

5.  When everyone is pointing where they think North is, ask them to open their eyes and remain pointing in this direction

6.  Everyone will have a different take on where North is. Indicate the actual direction of true North (useful to have a compass to double check!)

7.  Wrap up by highlighting the importance of everyone in the team having a shared direction.

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