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Today as part of our featured article series regarding specific business courses we concentrate on the innovative leader. We run a wide range of leadership coaching courses catering for the experienced manager or supervisor in addition to the candidate who is new to team leading. The knowledge and skills gained will enable them to become the Innovative Leader.

The Innovative Leader

Duration: 2-days

Suitable for: Those who wish to improve their ability to innovate within their existing or potential role.

Overview: The innovative leader course is designed to test and challenge the participant’s ability to think and work innovatively. The opportunity will be provided to identify an ‘innovation’ within their work area, evaluate the viability of their idea and then plan to present their innovation to business stakeholders.

What participants will gain:

  • The experience of selecting and evaluating an idea for innovation that will make a positive impact on their organisation
  • The ability to identify opportunities to innovate through applying creative thinking tools and techniques
  • The skills to ‘sell’ in their innovation to business stakeholders
  • The ability to think and work innovatively using a simple, proven strategy

Delivery options:

  • 2 consecutive days or 2 x 1 day sessions
  • Classroom-based training course
  • One-to-one coaching

Customisation options:

We know what differentiates ‘great’ training from ‘average’ training and we see training as a ‘process’, not an ‘event. .With each course, the course content can be tailored to meet the needs of the organisation.

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