How open minded are you?

Innovation Creativity Techniques course How open minded are you? Are you resistant to change? Innovation within the workplace isn`t just about changing something for the sake of it, it  involves examining how we do things and whether we can improve on them. This can relate to any aspect of the business environment from examining the current payroll setup and finding a more efficient way of filing information to reviewing the way we approach clients for example.
Half the battle is coming up with ideas to adapt to a rapidly changing environment the other half is to create the solution and encourage others to do the same. Participants will also learn how to facilitate effective problem solving, continuous improvement and general forward thinking back in the workplace. Delegates will learn practical techniques and how to put them into practice immediately.

Innovation Creativity Techniques

Duration: 1-day

Overview: This course enables participants to apply innovation creativity techniques to solve problems and influence better and more innovative ways of working. Participants will apply a range of creativity techniques to help them to innovate within their role. These practical tools will also facilitate effective problem solving, continuous improvement and general forward thinking back in the workplace.

What participants will gain:

  • Experience in applying ‘whole brain’ creativity and problem solving tools
  • A clear focus as to how they can innovate within their role
  • A proven methodology to successfully think creatively, plan, evaluate and implement new approaches
  • The skills and behaviours to engage others and achieve buy in from stakeholders

Suitable for: Anyone who wants to develop ability to think creatively and innovate within their role.

Delivery routes:

  • One-to-one coaching
  • Classroom based training course, tailored to your company and the group of learners as standard. (Min number of delegates is 4 and the maximum is 8 )
  • Full day or 2 x ½ day sessions


This Innovation Creativity Techniques course is tailored to meet the needs of the organisation and/ or the learners.

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