How assertive are you?

Assertive skills training Do you consider yourself to be assertive? Is that how others perceive you? Do you always get the result you are aiming for? Or do you rarely succeed and find yourself ignored or not taken seriously?

Our assertiveness skills course introduces the ability to confidently communicate with others in a range of situations. By understanding how we and others behave and how we are perceived in different circumstances we can develop our personal and interpersonal skills to become more effective achieving the desired result. For some it may be a confidence and self-esteem issue, others may find they come across as aggressive, whatever your personal communication style we provide the tools and skills to enable participants to project their ideas across in an effective or positive way resulting in what they need or persuading others of their point of view.

Assertiveness skills course

Duration: 1-day

Overview: Develop the skills and techniques to communicate assertively and confidently with this assertiveness skills course. Participants will also explore tools that will develop coping strategies and assist assertive communication to deal with challenging situations effectively.

What participants will gain:

  • The tools and techniques that will enable them to communicate assertively in different contexts
  • Greater confidence in how they come across
  • Greater awareness of the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive communication and determine their own preference
  • Ability to deal with challenging situations effectively

Suitable for: Anyone who wants to communicate more assertively and deal with challenging behaviour/situations more effectively.

Delivery options:
Full day or 2 x ½ day sessions
Classroom-based training course
One-to-one coaching

Customisation options: Course content can be tailored to meet the needs of the organisation.

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