E-mail – fast or furious?

e-mail-shotAs the pace of office life continues to accelerate and our reliance on e-mail as the main means of communication with clients and colleagues grows, it is vital we make sure that we are clear, concise and considered.

It is not only important to ensure that the right message is put across and understood fully but also that there is no room for misinterpretation or likelihood of offence being taken, however unintentionally.

There is always the danger that a rapidly penned e-mail does not get the same attention to detail that a letter or presentation might and as a result harm the reputation both of the individual and the professional image of the organisation they represent.

We have therefore created a new course, aimed to address these issues looking at practical ways in which e-mails can be improved. In particualr we examine what is, and isn’t appropriate to convey by e-mail, consider the right type of language to use and what to avoid.

Further details of this course are available here.

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