Do you click with your customers?

Customer focus business training courseThe reality is customers make quick decisions. They are not loyal and tend to buy on instinct.

The first impression created and the first human interaction they experience is crucial. Rapport is one of the most important aspects of unconscious customer interaction.

Building rapport is about demonstrating an understanding of the other person’s map of the world. In essence, rapport is simply getting on the other person’s wavelength. It is about putting someone at ease and establishing a friendly relationship. It is the process of responsiveness at an unconscious level.

So why is it important to consciously build rapport with customers? In a nutshell, it helps the customer’s unconscious mind to accept and begin to process your suggestions and offering. It influences how they perceive the brand and the organisation.

To build rapport you don’t have to like or agree to the other person’s map of the world, but it is important to seek to understand it. This is about taking a genuine interest in getting to know what’s important to the other person.

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