Are you working towards the end result all on your own?

Collaborative teamwork training courseJohn Paul Getty famously said “I’d rather have 1% of the effort of 100 men than 100% of my own effort.”

This is only true of course if that 1% of work is worth having! Usually the key for a successful team lies with its leader. It is the leader who ensures the team performs in a way that achieves maximum results. A collaborative team usually have some shared goals and do not rely wholly on the leader to resolve differences or encourage performance. Our collaborative teamwork training course teaches participants to successfully promote collaborative team-working within their work area to optimise performance benefitting the organisation as a whole.

Collaborative Teamwork Training courses

Duration: 1-day

Overview: This collaborative teamwork skills course helps participant’s develop core skills and behaviours to develop cohesive teams within the organisation

What participants will gain:

  • Practical skills to lead a team in a way that optimises performance
  • The opportunity to experience collaborative teamwork and receive feedback on their performance
  • A greater understanding of natural role orientations and skills within a team

Delivery routes:


  • Classroom based training course, tailored to your company and the group of learners as standard. (Min number of delegates is 4 and the maximum is 8 )
  • Full day or 2 x ½ day sessions
  • Flexibility:

This Collaborative Teamwork Course can be tailored to meet the needs of the organisation.

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