Are you in touch with your touch-points?

Customer touch pointThis month we’re focusing on all things customer related. Look out for our other blogs written to help you improve customer relations.

Customer focused organisations know how to maximise every customer touch point during the customer’s experience.

A touch point is an interaction between a customer and the organisation’s brand and product or service. In simple terms, a touch point describes the point of con-tact or interaction between a business and its customers.

Every touch point must reflect, reinforce, and reiterate the branding, ethos and values of the business. People that consciously connect with customers recognise the opportunity that each touch point presents to create an emotional connection with the organisation’s brand and product.

The reality is customer touch points (for both internal and external) occur in person, via written communication and over the phone regularly throughout the day. Business success depends on consistency in how people connect with customers.

Identify the touch-points where you have the greatest opportunity to influence the customer’s first impression of you and your organisation. Think – what can you do differently, how can you connect more positively with customers.

It can be useful to conduct a touch point analysis where each possible interaction with the customer is determined as a road map. This process can help to pinpoint moments of delight and moments of disappointment.

Think about how you can connect with your customers to create a positive first impression at every touch point in a way that influences the emotional connection customers have with your brand, product/ service and business.

To find out more about how your people can connect with customers through recog-nising and influencing every touch point, click here

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