Are you in synch with your organisation’s values?

Leadership programmesIn our experience, it is rare to come across organisations that don’t have values. Yes, sometimes, they are a plaque on the wall but often, the majority know they exist and generally what the values are. Naturally, a lot of time is spent crafting organisational values but often little time is spent helping people to clarify and align to these.

In consideration that values underpin the organisational culture and identity, more time needs to be spent aligning business activity to values in practice.

Organisational values underpin every leadership programme we deliver to help leaders connect and engage with the business.

An interesting activity we often incorporate is to encourage managers to identify something in their day to day work that is inconsistent with the organisation’s core values. When such examples are brought together in a collective group, often the misalignments are similar.

Our leadership programmes help managers to challenge and eliminate misalignments that happen but really shouldn’t within their function and work towards true alignment.

For more information around how managers and leaders can practically engage with the organisational values,  click here

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