Are nearly half of all UK line managers ineffective?

Nearly half of all UK line managers ‘are ineffective’…
Yet new research reveals how management and leadership skills can drive up UK performance.

43% of managers consider their line managers to be ineffective, according to the largest ever in-depth study into the business benefits of management and leadership development, released recently by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Penna.

The research shows organisational performance and management abilities to be clearly linked – with only 39% of managers in low performing businesses deeming their line managers to be effective, compared to 80% in high performing organisations.

The CMI-Penna report, produced with Henley Business School, draws on findings from almost 4,500 managers, including over 300 CEOs and 550 HR managers. The research provides new evidence showing how professional management qualifications can lead to increases of up to 32% in people performance and 23% in overall organisational performance, across organisations of all sectors and sizes.

The research finds that too few employers are doing the right things to secure the returns on investment in management and leadership training. Although many employers are investing in a vast range of 26 types of management and leadership development activities – with the average manager having been exposed to six over the last three years – the types of training being offered are not always those rated by managers as most effective. Professional management qualifications, are rated as having the most impact on individuals’ performance, yet there is still widespread reliance on ‘on-the-job’ experience and short courses.

The findings also show that high performing organisations spend on average 36% more on management and leadership development per manager per year than low performing ones (£1,738 compared to £1,275), with the mean organisational spend per manager estimated at £1,414 per annum. Public sector organisations spend on average £1,515 per manager per year, while private sector organisations spend £1,416 and not-for-profit sector organisations spend £1,133.

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