A problem shared……..

rubiks-cubeDo you remember when the Rubik’s cube first came out?

It seemed initially such a simple problem to solve and yet the more you tried the worse it seemed to get. Frustration and disillusionment soon sank in, not helped by some callow youth strolling over to the wretched thing and solving it in minutes with a flick of the wrist and a flourish.

And so it is sometimes in business. Almost every day, we are faced with problems to solve some of which require fast and potentially critical decisions that can seem daunting, even insurmountable. And yet some managers seem posess problem solving skills to be able to analyse problems, process the information and have confidence in their solution, whilst others prevaricate.

For the latter we offer an innovative problem solving course which helps participants to explore and apply viable problem solving tools. Participants will learn how they can look at problems in a way that generates qualitative solutions more efficiently and effectively.

Offering practical advice and analysis into the root cause of problems and how to approach them has been found highly beneficial by those who have taken part, giving them the tools to react more positively in the future. For further details click here.

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