Internal branding to engage employees

With employee engagement continuing to be a major challenge facing organisations, we read with interest about the concept of internal branding as a means to engage employees. Many companies devote so much in terms of resources to external marketing that they often overlook the importance of ensuring that their own members of staff are aware […]

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Developing a qualified workforce

Government statistics show that just one in five managers are professionally qualified – this is well behind our Europe and American counterparts. There has been a recent surge in organisations wanting to develop their management teams in line with national management and leadership standards to avoid their people getting left behind. Today’s managers must demonstrate […]

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Improve effectiveness and results – reduced fees

Interestingly, time management has re-emerged as a hot potato in terms of what organisations want right now. What our clients are telling us is that they need their people to achieve more with less so working productively and minimising distractions has never been more critical. Adalta’s Time Management course helps participants to organise, prioritise and […]

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Achieving management qualifications 50% faster

Adalta are one of the few organisations across the UK that offer fast track coaching as a route to achieving Chartered Management Institute management qualifications at any level. This option is ideally suited to organisations who want the benefits of a corporate approach for individuals or small groups of people (up to 5) who want […]

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Adalta comes to Sky Digital

Adalta has been invited to take part in an important documentary to discuss how the face of training is evolving, particularly within our current economy. We feel that training providers have to provide flexibility and affordability to stay competitive. Today’s clients require training that has a solid context; that is directly linked to the business […]

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Are you employable?

Everyone is experiencing tough times with the recession. Even if the economy has turned the corner it doesn’t mean that there will be hundreds of new job opportunities just waiting to be snapped up. To stand out from the crowd it’s important that you are qualified to do the type of job you want to […]

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Inputs to outputs

We wanted to recommend to you a great new book called ‘The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working’ by Tony Schwartz, Jean Gomes, and Catherine McCarthy. The way we work is changing as we move more towards outputs rather than inputs. What value or results an individual or team can bring to the table is what […]

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A problem shared…….

From our perspective, having an internal networking vehicle in place such as the intranet is a great platform for sharing best practise, action learning, networking and cross functional working. For those organisations that have this infrastructure, we are increasingly using internal networking as part of a blended learning approach. Forward thinking organisations are already tapping […]

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Wacky or wise?

Anything linked to ‘self-help’ or spiritualism has typically gone down like a lead balloon in the UK management arena. Yet, interestingly, we are being asked by managers and leaders at all levels to help them revisit what is important to them and help them reconnect with who they are and what they value. This is […]

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The ultimate management badge

Can you believe that there are still only 1000 Chartered Managers in the whole of the UK. We’ve seen a huge increase in managers wanting to invest in their qualifications so that they become more marketable and employable amidst a recession and increased competition for management jobs. As a Chartered Manager is the ultimate mark […]

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Accidental managers

According to recent research conducted by the CMI, 68% of managers admit to being ‘accidental managers’, i.e. became a manager by default. These stats are of no surprise to us. In all our years of delivering in-house management development programmes, the vast majority of managers we train admit to being promoted because of their operational […]

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